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Pro Athlete / NSPA Personal Trainer / Master Sports Nutritionist / Fat Loss Expert
100% Committed to YOU!

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I always say wake up each day and say “LOVE YOURSELF”. It is very empowering! With something negative, there is ALWAYS something positive. Focus on that. Focus on you. Focus on a little at a time and lean on me to help you.

Waiver of Liability and Terms of Agreement
It is my goal as a nutritionist to encourage education and accountability for your health and reach your personal optimal health. Nutrition counseling is designed to improve health and make informed decisions about your health but it is not meant to diagnose or treat a specific disease or medical condition.
I understand that nutrition counseling is not meant to take the place of the primary care physician and is not a substitute for a medical examination.
I understand that the nutrition counseling offered is of a non-medical nature and is intended to help make informed decisions about my health and food choices. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Penny Seabolt of existing medical conditions and concerns.
I understand that I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages; this includes not following the meal plan as designed for you, cheat meals, cheat days, binge eating, overeating, quitting the program altogether, known or unknown, sustained by participating in any Nutritional Program and waive any claim I may have against Penny Seabolt.
I understand that it may be important to alert my primary healthcare provider to the fact that I’m consulting a nutritionist as an adjunct to traditional care. A nutrition program may alter the need or efficacy of medications therefore it is imperative to fully disclose all medications and supplements at the initial consultation.
I understand the payment is due at the time of consultation. There will be no refunds after payment.


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