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How it works | Penny Seabolt Fitness
Pro Athlete / NSPA Personal Trainer / Master Sports Nutritionist / Fat Loss Expert
100% Committed to YOU!

Are we never going to eat a carb again? Highly unlikely. Are we 100% of the time going to stay committed? No, of course not – we’re human. Does this sound familiar – we try the no carb diet, lose 20 pounds and then what? Usually what happens at this point we’ll treat ourselves now that we’ve finally lost the weight and consume an enormous amount of carbohydrates because we haven’t had them in 3 months.

Let me teach you the fundamentals of weight loss, the correct way to eat, the correct amounts and how to fit in eating out, occasional drinks with friends or family and a universal BALANCE that will change your life forever. Never DIET again. Your plan is custom built for you and designed specifically to meet your need and goals. No more guesswork and no more diets!! My proven meal plans are designed to help you lose the weight and keep it off… forever!









To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.”

– Picabo Street


How many calories is right for me?
At check-out, you will be asked some questions relating to height, current weight, goal weight,  gender and age. I will then pick the right caloric intake for you to effectively lose weight and keep it off forever!





I have specific diet issues - can I still do your meal plan?
Yes! But if there are specific issues, celiac disease, lactose intolerant, etc., please email me. The meal plan can easily be modified not to include dairy or wheat, rye and barley.

How quickly can I expect a response when I text/email a question?
If you are purchasing the meal plan along with the 3, 6 or 12 month support, I am available to you Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00-5:00, Eastern Time, and your text/email will be answered.

Is it you that responds to questions, or do you have a team?
It will always be ‘Me” answering all texts, emails and phone calls. When I decided to quit my job of 20 years and start Penny Seabolt Fitness, I promised that I would be the only one in direct contact with my clients.

How do we communicate - via email or text or forum?
If you choose the 3, 6 or 12 month support plan, you will then receive an email with my personal cell phone number and my personal email so that you can reach me with any issues, questions or simply need extra motivation or support!

What is included in the Lifestyle Plan?
You will get the Lifestyle Plan along with a detailed grocery list, Examples of how to combine foods, Support from “Me” and if you feel you’ve reached your goal or no longer need my support, you can cancel at any time!

How long does your support last?
My support will always be there. If you aren’t currently subscribing to my social media, what are you waiting for? There will be a wealth of information to learn, including workout videos, recipes and so much more!

Can I drink DIET sodas?
Every evil in moderation! Although I do not advise you to drink diet soda because of the additives and artificial flavoring and coloring, if you have an occasional diet soda, that’s fine.

Is it okay to use MIO or Crystal Light in water?
Mio is sweetened with Sucralose, an artificial sweetener and is 600 times sweeter than sugar. It does contain preservatives and artificial colorings. Crystal Light has an all natural sweetener, so again, in moderation. Try using real citrus like lemon, lime, oranges, cucumber, etc. to your water. I recommend at least 1/2 gallon of water per day working yourself up to more. Water is the most important nutrient in our body, after all our bodies are composed of about 60% water.

Why is it called the Lifestyle Plan?
It is called the Lifestyle Plan because this meal plan is all you will ever need for the rest of your life. The Lifestyle Plan will teach you how to eat, not today, but every day. You will not have to give up carbohydrates or going out on occasion, which we all love! And better yet, if you are going out to dinner and do not know what to pick from the menu, email/text me the menu and I will do all the work for you!

How quickly will I see results?
You will “feel” results almost immediately; within 24 hours. By taking out the processed foods and replacing them with whole foods, your body will immediately respond. You will “see” results within 4 weeks, if not sooner.


Can I drink alcohol and lose weight on the Lifestyle Plan?
Every evil in moderation, BUT Alcohol is metabolized differently than other foods and beverages. Under normal conditions, your body gets its energy from the calories in carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which are slowly digested and absorbed within the gastrointestinal system. However, this digestive process changes when alcohol is present. When the body is focused on processing alcohol, it is not able to properly break down foods containing carbohydrates and fat. Therefore, these calories are converted into body fat and are carried away for permanent storage in your body 🙁 So a drink or two once a month, sure. But if it’s weight loss you are truly seeking, drinking alcohol will only sabotage it!


What do I do after I reach my goal and lose all the weight?
First, share with me your success and tag me on a post or photo, or email me your story! I would love to hear about it as I will be a big part of your journey, and it’s what keeps me doing what I love to do; help people achieve what they never thought was possible.   I have designed the Lifestyle Plan so there’s no diet, no guesswork, no need to “search” for anything else. You can eat this way for the rest of your life and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight.

What if I mess up and eat something that I am not supposed to?
We all do it, or have done it at one time, and it’s okay. We are human. Just pick up where you left off. I promise it will get easier and easier!


What supplements do you recommend?
Besides protein powder, I recommend a multi-vitamin and fish oil.

I am new to working out, will you have a beginner workout?
Yes, which I am currently working on now. Not everyone is comfortable at a gym starting out, and I realize that, and everyone has different fitness levels. I do not know many people that can do the PX90 or “the new fad video” for any length of time, and understand the frustration with giving up, because it’s  too advanced. I will teach you proper form with every exercise, strengthen your core and back, which is crucial for performance, so that you will evolve into the intermediate level, then advanced! Starting out, I would recommend that you just get moving;  walking, jogging, biking, anything that keeps your body in motion, do!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I will be posting exercise videos from beginner to advanced.



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